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1. Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is considered the cornerstone of all education. The good reputation of Finnish early childhood education in the world is based on the pedagogical philosophy of learning through play.

Sumino collaborates with Finnish International Education Ltd, a Finnish provider of early childhood education services, under its own FINE brand, designing and implementing early childhood education centers and kindergartens that provide ECEC services for children aged 0-6, utilizing world-renowned Finnish early childhood education expertise and curriculum.

According to FINE Pedagogy, children are learning through play: This way children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. FINE Pedagogy is based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum, where early childhood education and care is seen as an entity comprising of three areas: education, teaching and care. It is developed to support the educational requirements of the local society.

2. Featured Courses in Primary and Secondary Schools 

· Programming and AI Courses

As a pioneer in digital education, the Finnish National Curriculum has taken into account the technological requirements of a changing world by including coding and programming in both primary and secondary education.

Programming and coding education was first introduced in Finnish National Curriculum for primary and secondary education in 2016. Understanding technology and adopting a computational mindset are seen as part of the 21stcentury skills emphasized in primary school education.

Sumino has responded to the growing needs of programming and coding education by launching its own Suomi Code brand, which offers programming and artificial intelligence courses for elementary school students. The courses have been developed to meet the needs of the national basic curriculum and have been approved by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The curriculum of Suomi Code is used in more than 300 Finnish schools in more than 40 cities and has also been used in teaching in Sweden, Germany, the United States, Japan and Malaysia, among others. The courses offered by Suomi Code were exclusively selected as Google's service provider for Google Learning Center in Helsinki.

· Youth Ice Hockey Courses

Finland is undeniably one of the superpowers of ice-hockey with more than 10 World Championship and six Olympia medals. The Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 will bring countless opportunities for winter sports cooperation between China and Finland. As the host of the next Winter Olympics, China wants to develop its winter and ice sports activities and aims to attract 300 million Chinese to winter sports by the end of the Olympic year.

Sumino collaborates with HDC Finland Oy, Varala Sports Institute and the Finnish Hockey Association to develop training courses for young ice-hockey players and their coaches. Together with Finnish partners, Sumino also developes ice-hockey arena concepts with a relevant training for maintenance and management of the venues.

Sumino's ice-hockey exchange with China began in early 2020, when a team of Chinese women's ice-hockey players arrived at a training camp in Tampere. The two-week camp included, among other things, personal technique training and several matches with local ice-hockey clubs.

3. Vocational Education Courses

Finland can be considered one of the model countries for vocational education. In Finland, vocational education is student-centered and based on know-how: A personal competence development plan is prepared for each student for the duration of their studies. 

Sumino works closely with TREDU, Finland's second largest vocational training center, and other interest groups in the field with the aim of developing vocational training courses for China's growing labor market. So far, Sumino has designed vocational training courses for the needs of more than one hundred industries in China.

Courses related to the care and rehabilitation of the elderly are Sumino's main services in vocational training. China’s population is aging at a rapid pace, and the country’s current nursing resources are insufficient to cover the need of the Chinese elderly. In order to increase the amount of qualified nurses in China, Sumino and its Finnish partners have designed short-term courses for nurses specialized in care and rehabilitation of the elderly, as well as a complete degree program for the needs of the Chinese labor market.

4. Featured Courses in Higher Education

The popularity of e-sports is growing exponentially in the world. This hot trend has also been noticed in China, which adopted e-sport as one of the official sports alongside traditional sports such as football and tennis in 2003. In early 2021, the Chinese government forwarded the status of e-sports by defining and accepting professional requirements for e-athletes and industry professionals. E-sports have recently been named as one of the official sports in the Asian Games: Next time the Asian Games are scheduled to take place in Hangzhou, China in 2022.

According to unofficial estimates, there are about 500 million e-sports enthusiasts in China, but only a few official education institutions in the country are providing education and training in the field: According to some sources, only about 10 Chinese universities offer e-sports as their major.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), Ahlman Institution and the Finnish Esports League Ltd act as Sumino's partners to provide vocational training and a university degree in esports for Chinese students in the near future.

In addition, Sumino organizes annual professional-level e-sports tournaments as well as summer boot camps to increase international educational exchanges and student mobility.


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