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It has been said that the environment shapes people. The role of learning environments in education is undeniable; at its best, it supports the growth, learning, and interaction of the individual and the community. Well-functioning learning environments promote interaction, participation, and building of communal knowledge. Learning environments also enable active collaboration with out-of-school communities or experts. Finland is one of the first modern states to recognize the importance of learning environment as a promoter of school success and to put the theoretical knowledge of the subject into practice.

The learning environment solutions offered by Sumino are based on the best Finnish know-how, considering the cultural characteristics of each country. Sumino's services include the environment solutions for schools, afternoon clubs and home education.

Sumino, in co-operation with Finnish education experts, universities and companies, which are the best learning environment and furniture designers in the country, creatively integrates the Finnish design with teaching situations and learning spaces in and outside of school.

More than half of Finnish schools utilize the services of Sumino's partners in the design and implementation of their learning environments. In addition to new schools, Sumino's learning environment solutions can also be used to improve the facilities of existing schools.


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